Audi Golf Kit

Turbo Kit 99-04 A4 1.8t Audi A3 T3 / T4 20v Vw Golf Jetta Cooler

Turbo Kit 99-04 A4 1.8t Audi A3 T3 / T4 20v Vw Golf Jetta Cooler

Turbo Kit 99-04 A4 1.8t Audi A3 T3 / T4 20v Vw Golf Jetta Cooler    Turbo Kit 99-04 A4 1.8t Audi A3 T3 / T4 20v Vw Golf Jetta Cooler
Turbo Kit 99-04 a3 a4 1.8t t3 / t4 20v vw golf jetta cooler. This product sheet is originally written in English.

Please find below an automatic translation in French. If you have questions please contact us. Rx racing group 97-06 turbo 495hp series \Packing list of the articles included kit. New group turbo \This set includes all the new pieces of quality capable of producing well over 495 horsepower at 25 psi with management changes and an integrated motor. This is the most complete package available compared to other affordable.

On a standard engine, the kit will add more than 100 horses on a low boost setting of 8 psi. In addition, the included electronic turbo timer can accurately calculate the cooling period hassle to ensure proper cooling of your turbocharged engine. Works with boxes of automatic or manual transmissions. The turbocharger connects the exhaust via a downcomer may be necessary.

Finally, this kit allows you to keep your air and your steering for exceptional urban configuration. 57 mapped to the low and high gain settings. Oil seals and mounting studs included. Capable of producing more than 450 horses. Bearings wet floats and well balanced.

3 \Compressor housing 50 a / r. 63 turbine casing / r. Stainless steel material 321 tig welded for durability and strength. High quality tubular piping with large primaries. The robust design supports the weight of the turbo.

High quality gaskets included for all flanges. The complete installation kit includes all bolts and hardware.

A very thick flange withstands the turbo. Beautifully finish polished to a show.

Bride turbocharger high quality t3. Design scope and fully polished.

Large model effectively cools air turbocharged. Strong tig welds endure high levels of psi.

The thick core provides sufficient cooling. 2.5 \pressure drop of less than 2%. (1) installation package driving turbo oil.

The fittings t suitable for almost all engines and use even the sending unit plant in oil pressure. Fittings and clamps needed for a complete installation. Oil return line 18 5/8 inches high temperature 550 psi. Seals and superior material for the turbocharger. Supply line right high oil resistance 77 inches.

Robust connection \Superior quality lasts a lifetime. Supply ports of high quality oil.

Drain oil high quality turbo. Line 36-inch angle oil costs.

(1) downcomer pipe of stainless steel. Water jet cut to five bolts.

(1) Universal piping kit intercooler. Light but strong aluminum tubing. May require a slight modification to fit.

(16) screw clamps stainless steel. (2) 2.5 \(6) couplers rights silicone 2.5 in.

(2) 90 degree bends 2.5. (2) elbows 60 degrees 2.5.

(2) 45 degree elbows 2.5. (2) Pipe 2.5 rights. Can be configured to adjust the boost psi on the fly.

Can be adjusted to any desired level of psi. Control your boost with precise click. Includes a complete installation kit. Protects turbo by ventilation during the shift and / or reducing gas. Performance design produces a powerful and aggressive sound. Good design does not flow under conditions of high acceleration.

Brides installed at the discretion of the user. The fan can be used for cooling: an air conditioning condenser, a cooling oil or transmission, mounting on an intercooler to prevent the setting temperature or cooling a radiator A2W. Slim design provides the engine bay great release.

Includes mounting tabs for easy installation with clip zip. Versatility of a reversible fan push / pull. RSS top of a curved blade design. Outer perimeter of 1.25 thick.

2.5 0 thickness within the perimeter. Ensures proper cooling of your car turbocharger every time. Includes pigtail wiring and additional wiring for easy installation. Important to prevent wear and tear and premature failure of the turbo. Mounted inside the vehicle for adjustments on the fly.

Accurately calculates the engine cooling period. The auto mode function creates a hassle free operation. Increases the life of the turbocharger. Digital LED Display easy to read. The failure to reduce the turbo temperature could cause \Coking is the cooking oil, turning it into a dirty substance.

Ideal for setting the fuel pressure for boosted engines. Prevents excess oil from blowing into the intake manifold. Ensures better mileage and better performance. Removes oil vapor breather line. Display as a high quality varnish.

If the engine is already equipped with an original oil cooler, the oil kit can still be used with the original cooler kit. The cooler core 15 rows, which is perfect for cooling hot engine oil (a bigger cooler will not be effective). The plate has ports 1/8 npt for the oil pressure and temperature sensors for the gauges or for turbo oil supply lines. The cooler can be mounted in a direct flow of air or hidden and it will always do its cooling work. Oil line fittings are crimped to the machine and checked to prevent leakage.

The cooler is equipped with 4 solid supports for robust and easy installation. (2) stainless steel lines are equipped with pivotal connections aluminum. The bar kernel design and fin is very effective to cool hot engine oil. 7/8 The oil lines are fully reinforced stainless steel braid.

The oil lines resistant to heat from the engine compartment and can withstand more than 200 psi. The oil lines are high quality and long by 4.4 feet each (52 inches). The measurement cooler 13 \Cools the hot engine oil of more than 20 degrees. Oil filter adapter has son 1.5 mm. The oil cooler is made of lightweight aluminum.

(1) High-speed fuel filter aluminum billets. High throughput for demanding fuel systems.

Sturdy brackets for easy mounting. The filter can be cleaned. Protect the turbo supercharging system by removing surges.

Includes a complete installation kit with gaskets and flanges. The solid construction provides years of reliable service.

Monitor the temperature of the water via the displacement sensor. Easy to use solution coolant sensor aftermarket. Provides more accurate readings that the location of the stock. Includes 2 installation clamps for easy addition. The ends 38 mm suitable for most OEM cooling pipes. Suitable for the following vehicles with specified engine.

1999 - 2001 Volkswagen Golf 1.8 t. 1999 - 2003 Volkswagen Jetta 1.8 t. Volkswagen gti 2000 - 2005 1.8 t. 1999 - 2005 volkswagen beetle 1.8 t. 2003 - 2004 Volkswagen Cabriolet 1.8 t.

Audi A4 1.8 T 1997 - 2004 Audi TT 1.8 t 2000 - 2006 1998-2005 before audi 1.8 t. 1998 - 2004 Seat Leon 1.8 t. Please make the payment within a week. After this period, a dispute over unpaid items will be classified. Please contact me to find out the shipping rates in Canada, public relations, public relations, postal addresses, PO boxes, postal addresses (fpo), Call waiting (apo) Message to hi and ak number.

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  2. Manufacturer warranty: 1 year <\/ li>
  3. Type :: turbo kit <\/ li>
  4. manufacturer part number: 0000032497321 <\/ li> <\/ Ul>
    Turbo Kit 99-04 A4 1.8t Audi A3 T3 / T4 20v Vw Golf Jetta Cooler    Turbo Kit 99-04 A4 1.8t Audi A3 T3 / T4 20v Vw Golf Jetta Cooler